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Mighty Sparrow is the brainchild of Vancouver-based artist, graphic designer and gallerist, Shannon Pawliw. It is based on the foundational idea that “small is mighty” and that every individual is capable of great things. Especially when working as a team.

Most artists are DIY-ers by nature. On top of producing your art, you’re often hustling for grants, residencies and exhibitions. You’re also expected to do your own accounting, social media marketing, website and promotion.

It’s a lot. Especially when you’re potentially also juggling another job as well as family responsibilities.

Mighty Sparrow offers a variety of services that help artists understand and meet their career and artistic goals. Outsourcing these pieces can also reduce the amount of admin required so that you can do what you love…make art.

Consulting Services

Critique Sessions (30 minutes)

Need some constructive criticism? As a gallerist and curator, I have years of experience looking at and thinking critically about art.

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Sure, your mom loves it. But is it ready for the world? I offer 30-minute critique sessions (either online or in person) to help you get clarity on something you’re working on.

A critique session is best for a single piece or a quick exhibition overview. If you’d like a more in-depth exploration of your career and artistic journey, I suggest you book a longer Career Advice and Planning Session (see below).

30-minute Critique Session (online) = $100

30-minute Critique Session (in person) = $120

Career Advice and Planning Session (60-90 minutes)

These sessions can help clarify your thoughts on an upcoming exhibition or body of work. They can also provide clarity and direction for your career as a whole.

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The art world can be tricky. There are so many ways to pursue a career in visual arts. I offer career planning advice to help you navigate the many questions you (and many artists) have. For example; should you sell your work on your own or pursue gallery representation? How do you price your work? How does an artist earn and keep the respect of the art world? Should you focus on your local art scene or the global market?

If you’re feeling “all over the place” when it comes to your art, it can be helpful to sit down with someone who can see your work clearly.

As an experienced artist and gallerist, I offer a rare perspective on both sides of the equation.

60-90 minute Planning Session (online) = $200

60-90 minute Planning Session (in person) = $220

Design Services


I offer Icompendium templated websites that can be customized based on your needs.

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Most artist websites use the same formula. The menu is on the left, large image or gallery on the right. Using a pre-built template saves time and is the perfect solution for the budget-conscious and time-crunched artist.

I use Icompendium for artist portfolio sites. It’s perfect for those wanting a slick, sophisticated portfolio site that includes an e-commerce solution.

Icompendium offers responsive websites, so your site will always look good and function well, no matter what device it’s viewed on.

There is little to no coding, so it’s easy to make site updates and changes once the site is built.

Icompendium cost = $200/year (paid to Icompendium)
Subscription includes web hosting, template and excellent customer service.

Website Build = $800

Possible additional costs:
Website Updates and Maintenance Requests = $100/hr (billed to the minute)
Domain Name Registration = varies by domain provider

Promotional Postcards

Having an exhibition? Congratulations! A postcard is a great way to promote it. It also functions as a souvenir for visitors and reminds them of you and your work.

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A beautiful, well-designed takeaway card can be used to promote your show before the opening but also as a memento of your exhibition. Visitors often keep them and because it can take several months (or longer) for a collector to make a purchase, having this memento is a lingering reminder of your work.

I offer a customized design based on your exhibition and needs. I then provide you with a press-ready file that can be sent to the printer of your choice.

The recommended lead time for takeaway cards is a minimum of three weeks prior to your exhibition opening. This allows for design, printing and a week of distribution before the opening. If you want more than a week to hand out cards, I suggest reaching out 5-6 weeks before the exhibition opening.

Promotional Postcard Design = $100

Printing cost = varies by printer, size and quantity

Business Card Design

Even though so much networking is done online, it can be helpful to have a printed business card.

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Let’s face it, many art collectors are of an age and demographic that appreciate a printed business card. Why not have something beautiful for them? Include a QR code directly linked to your Instagram account and/or website. Let them know how to get in touch. This can be especially important at art fairs, festivals and crawls when your patrons will be viewing a lot of art. Help them remember you!

I provide a press-ready file for you to send to the printer of your choice.

Business Card Design = $100

Printing cost = varies by printer

Exhibition Catalogues

I offer custom print design services for exhibition and career retrospective catalogues.

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An art catalogue serves as a vital tool for artists looking to showcase their work professionally. By creating a catalogue, artists can efficiently present a curated collection of their creations to a broad audience.

Catalogues can be emailed directly to prospective curators or galleries, ensuring that key decision-makers are aware of their work. Additionally, making the catalogue available for download from your website allows visitors to explore your portfolio at their own pace, increasing accessibility and engagement. For collectors, a catalogue not only reinforces the value of the artwork but also keeps them updated on new pieces and projects.

Additionally, these catalogues can be effectively used when applying for residencies, grants, and calls-for-entry, presenting your work in its best light. The inclusion of embedded hyperlinks to your website, social media, or exclusive content enhances the interactivity of these documents.

Overall, an art catalogue amplifies visibility, facilitates professional connections, and enhances communication with important stakeholders in the art world.

Artist Pricing = $125/hr $100/hr

Digital Mockups

Enhance the presentation of your artwork with our specialized mock-up service, designed specifically for artists.

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I can expertly place your art in a variety of settings, including gallery spaces, stylish homes, and professional offices. This service allows you to visualize and showcase your work in realistic environments, helping potential buyers and galleries see the potential of your art in situ. Elevate your portfolio and attract more attention with beautifully crafted, context-enhanced digital displays of your art.

Digitally mockup images = $3/image

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